A Calgary, Alberta, Canada based tax consulting and business advisory firm.

Chartered Accountant of Alberta

Kirk Wormley Chartered Accountant is a practice focused on Canadian income tax legislation as it applies to Alberta business and entrepreneurs. Kirk Wormley, CA has focused his education and experience in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

GST Canada

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a 7% value added tax placed on most goods and services in Canada. There are alternative methods of reporting GST in Canada, and there are specific applications of GST legislation that may be of importance to you. Visit our Special Tax Services page to read more on GST, or contact us to arrange a time to meet for a free initial consultation.

Canada Corporate Tax Rates

Corporate taxes are income taxes paid by corporations to both provincial and federal governments in Canada. The Canadian and Alberta corporate tax rates have been declining over the past few years. Canadian rates are now quite comparable and often lower than U.S combined rates. Alberta boasts the lowest provincial tax rates in Canada.

The professionals at Kirk Wormley Chartered Accountant can explain how this may affect your Alberta based business.

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